Industrial/Automotive Products

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MAX 4007 Multi purpose heavy duty cleaner.
MAX 2000 Extra heavy duty cleaner.
SPRITE Multi-purpose cleaning concentrate (Cleen green type).
HANDKLEEN Waterless handcleaner plain or with grit and lanolin. Non-paraffinic or parafinic.
KARGLO Wash and wax for motor vehicles
AUTO SHAMPOO Neutral detergent for washing of motor vehicles.
DASH GLO Vinyl protector and brightener.
D71 Solvent degreaser for engines.
D73 Solvent degreaser. Used for heavy soil and grease.
ELECTROKLEEN NO 1 Electrical parts cleaner. Quick drying, no flash point.
ELECTROKLEEN NO 2 Electrical parts cleaner. Medium rate drying.
PENETROL Penetrating fluid - Dewatering Agent.
TRUCKLEEN Powder for high pressure cleaning of motor vehicles and equipment.
METAL BRITE Metal cleaner for brass and copper.
SSB Acid based stainless steel brightener and cleaner
SPRAYKLEEN General purpose degreaser. Highly concentrated.

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