Contract Manufacture

Manufacture (5K)

Chemwash views itself primarily as a manufacturer of powder and liquid goods with marketing as a secondary function.

During the past two years we have upgraded our manufacturing facility to include more versatile machines enabling us to compete on a broader base in the manufacturing field.

Chemwash has 20 years of experience in the blending of liquid and powder detergents and with the incorporation of a new Chemist with over 40 years experience in paint manufacture we have widened our potential.

Chemwash can offer the following services and solutions to clients:

  • Formulation of liquid and powder detergents
  • Formulation of water based paints, PVAs and wood coatings.
  • Formulation of water based high build and self levelling epoxy paints
  • Manufacture of all of the above
  • Manufacture of detergents or paints to clients formulations or specifications
  • Contract packing of products made by Chemwash for clients specific purposes
  • Technical assistance on behalf of our clients to the end user

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