General Purpose Products

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ECONO-DISH Economically priced dishwasher liquid.
TWEENKLE Economical G P cleaner and dishwasher.
GLEEME Medium activity G P cleaner and dishwasher.
SUPREME High activity concentrated G P cleaner and dishwasher.
FLASH Hard surface cleaner with ammonia.
WHIZZ Thick, white ammoniated cleaner.
AIR FRESH Air freshener available in water lily or cherry.
APPLEDET Highly perfumed janitorial cleaner.
AUTOMAX LQ Dishwashing agent for automatic machines
AUTOMAX PW Dishwashing agent for automatic machines
AUTORINSE Rinsing agent for automatic dishwashing machines
BLITZ Foaming scouring powder with sanitiser.
CLORMIX Concentrated bleach for laundry and sterilising.
DE STAIN Oxygen releasing cleaning powder used for kitchenware.
DRAINMAX Liquid acidic drain cleaner.
FURNIGLO Silicone based furniture polish.
GERM BUSTA Gel type sanitiser and detergent, good for vertical surfaces.
JANITOL Pleasantly perfumed germicidal detergent.
BOWLBRITE LIQUID Acid cleaner and descaler for toilets and urinals.
BOWLBRITE POWDER Acid cleaner and descaler for toilets and urinals.
MAXCID Acid based cleaner and sanitiser. For urinals, toilets and showers.
KREESIDE Black disinfectant.
LANO-CLEAN Hand washing cream for cloakroom dispensers.
LANO-CLEAN AB Hand washing cream containing anti-bac agent.
MEAN GREEN General purpose pleasantly scented hard surface cleaner.
OVENKLEEN Highly alkaline oven and grill cleaner.
PINE GEL Gel for cleaning all hard surfaces.
PINEX QAC based pine germicidal detergent.
POWERKLEEN Alkaline detergent for floor cleaning and heavy duty degreasing.
SANIPINE Phenolic based pine sanitiser and cleaner.
SANI-SCRUB Superior handcleaner for fats and grease and surgical use. Used in abattoirs and butcheries.
SPRITE Multi purpose cleaning concentrate (Cleen green type)
WINDOWKLEEN Glass and window cleaner.
SANMAX Non perfumed QAC based sanitiser and cleaner.
DEO BLOCKS Sanitation blocks for deodorising toilets and urinals.

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