Laundry Products

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EXELL T Economically priced. GP laundry detergent.
EXELL 101 Versatile one shot, laundry detergent.
EXELL 20 Superior one shot, fully built detergent.
EXELL DEC Highly alkaline one shot, for industrial wear.
CLOUT Heavy duty one shot, ideal for very dirty classifications. Economical in use.
CLOUT 2000 The ultimate, with stain removing properties, ideal for hospitals and institutions.
BIO CLOUT Concentrated enzymatic powder, for hotels and hospitals.
POLYTERG Detergent emulsifier, solvent blend
P C L 100 Economical emulsifier blend for induistrial wear.
VELVASOFT Fabric softener and conditioner.
SPOTCHLOR Safe to use organic bleach powder.
ERUSTICATOR Spotter for removal of rust stains.
Z P SPOTTER General purpose spotter.
P O G Paint, oil and grease remover.
TANECAL Spotter for tannin stains.
PROTECAL Spotter for proteinaceous stains.
FAST PR Quick drying post spotter.

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