Marine Products

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A.C KLEERAir cooler degreaser & decarboniser.
AQUA KLEERImmersion decarboniser use cold.
CARBOKLEERDecarboniser use warm.
BETONKLEERHCL inhibited descaler.
C.F ACIDPowder descaler.
COLD WASHCold emulsifier degreaser - can be diluted.
D73Solvent degreaser. Used for heavy soil and grease.
D71Solvent degreaser for engines.
BOND 33De-rust agent and descaler.
DISPERSALOil spill dispersant.
DOUBLKLEERCleaning double bottom tanks at sea.
ELECTROKLEEN 1E.P.C rapid drying.
ELECTROKLEEN 2E.P.C medium drying.
KLEER 2006H.D. Alkali cleaner water based.
TANK-CLEAN SFor hot work / gas free spray cleaner.
TANK-CLEAN QBQuick break cleaner.
TANK-CLEANCargo tank cleaner.
VEGKLEERTank cleaner - vegetable, fish oil - unpainted surfaces.
FUELKLEERCombustion improver.
FUELKLEER 100Eliminates water and sulphur contamination.
FUELKLEER VVanadium reduction.
DIESELKLEERPrevents diesel contamination.
B W T1st grade boiler water treatment.
CF HARDNESS CONTROLFor hardness control.
CF ALKALINITY CONTROLFor boiler water control.
CF OXYGEN CONTROLWater control and efficient oxygen scavenger.
CF HYDRAZINEEfficient oxygen scavenger.
CONDENSATE TREATMENTPrevents condensate system corrosion.
CF COAGULANTCoagulant for Low Pressure boiler.
TOWERKLEER 'P'Cooling tower treatment - powder.
TOWERKLEER NO 10Cooling tower treatment liquid.
EVAPORATOR TREATPolymer based scale remover.
METAL GLO (POLISH)Metal polish for brass and copper.
ENVIROCLEANEnvironmentally friendly degreaser. Contains no acids, solvents, caustic or other harmful ingredients.
MICROZYMEEnzymatic septic tank treatment.
KLEERSUDS T.PVegkleer type for painted tank surfaces.

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