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January 2007

Chemwash to contract manufacture TimberShield.

Over the past 2 years Chemwash has been expanding its production capabilities and product range to include water based paints and wood coatings. Chemwash now adds a new wood coating to its range - TimberShield.

After 18 months of testing the product is ready for market. John Coetzee of Timber and Deck Makeover Solutions (011-463 0197) is taking up the challenge of marketing the product which will be available in most hardware stores by the middle of 2007.

The product range consists of four basic colours, coral, teak, mahogany and natural. The unique "core shell" technology incorporated into the product is a new development is South Africa. This translates into a single pack coating which when applied correctly forms a chemical bond between coats with no need for sanding.

Chemwash obtains distribution agency for Enzymes

As from February 2007 Chemwash will be distributing enzymes for Novozymes country wide. The agreement includes all small packs less than 40kg sold into the industrial market. The deal also includes other agencies for enzymes and related products which come from the USA, the UK and the Far East.

Further details of this venture will be released in due course.

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