Specialised Products

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ODOURGUARD Highly concentrated odour killer with disinfecting properties.
CEM-ETCH Acid cleaner / etchant for floor cleaning.
K 58 C Double strength rapid action and paint remover.
COLD STRIPPER 58 Liquid immersion paint remover. Removes all coatings including epoxy and polyacrythanes.
MORTAR WASH Acid for removal of cement from brick work.
REDI-PAINT Pre-treatment for gavanised surfaces to remove oil and "white rust".
FORMULA 555 Superior carbon remover for the automotive industry.
ENVIROCLEAN Environmentally friendly degreaser. Contains no acids, solvents, caustic or other harmful ingredients.
PROCESS 404 Rust / scale remover leaves "key" for painting.
BOND 33 De-ruster - De-scaler Economically priced.
ALUBRITE Aluminium cleaner and brightener for surface treatment after cleaning.
MICROZYME Enzimatic treatment for septic tanks and french drains. 15 X 300g per bucket.

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